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Now Available! Governance Solutions: The Ultimate Guide to Confidence & Competence in the Boardroom

Governance Solutions: The Ultimate Guide to Competence and Confidence in the Boardroom is chock full of governance tools that make the complex seem simple and bring order to the chaos.

This is not just a book “about governance”, it tells you how to “do governance”. (614 pages)  

Authors David A. H. Brown and Dr. Debra L. Brown deliver:

  • Proven Governance Solutions: It is a single source—the ultimate guide—for solving your governance problems.
  • Access: It includes almost 70 governance concepts and tools that are unique only to this book.
  • Competence and Confidence: It covers the broad spectrum of governance issues from governance structure and process, through boardroom leadership, culture and behaviour.
  • Answers! It tells you not only what works, but as importantly what does not work in governance!

Featured Solution


If the global pandemic taught us anything, it’s that all organizations need a strategy to manage in a crisis. In Governance in Scary Times, authors Dr. Debra L. Brown, David A. H. Brown, and Rob DeRooy offer a step-by-step plan to prepare your board to provide direction for your company and reinforce your stakeholder confidence.

With a combined 75 years of experience governing companies and boards, the authors guide you through a process that will prepare you to answer key questions:

  • Where are we headed?
  • What obstacles and opportunities might we face along the way?
  • Who will do what?
  • Wha are the boundaries and guidelines?
  • How will be resource our efforts?

Governing in Scary Times is your boardroom roadmap to navigating extreme challenges in your business. From developing a strategic plan to assessing risks and policies to getting and keeping the right people in place, the authors provide practical and proven advice that will equip your company to survive scary times—and come out stronger on the other size.

Another crisis is (always) coming. Use the strategies in Governing in Scary Times, to ensure your organization is prepared.

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Governance Opportunity

The College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO), a visionary leader in regulatory governance, is looking for volunteers to serve on its inaugural Nominating Committee. The Nominating Committee will support CNO in advancing competency-based governance, a key component of CNO’s vision for governance that promotes public trust. Volunteers receive a nominal honorarium.



The Board Evaluation Solution!


The Board Evaluation Solution is a cost-effective, convenient, best practice suite of evaluations that you manage quickly, securely, and efficiently.


For Administrators & Corporate Secretaries


For busy administrators and corporate sectaries, The Board Evaluation Solution streamlines the process of board assessments - it does the work for you with the click of a mouse.


For Board Members


The Board Evaluation Solution allows you to securely complete all your evaluations any time of the day or night, or from anywhere in the world, from your desktop, laptop, tablet or phone! It’s easy and intuitive – no training needed.  You get rich diagnostic reports based on comprehensive best practice surveys that focus the efforts of the board and add value to the organization.  [Learn More]


Brown Governance has spent 25 years solving governance problems – so we thought our name should say that! And, we thought you might want to know the Governance Solutions we offer!


BoardConnex, created by Governance Solutions and Sandbox Software, combines the most valued Board software tools and expert governance advice and resources to create a next generation director engagement platform.  Find out more here!

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