CARNA Regulatory Committee Application FAQ

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The Opportunity

CARNA is seeking applications from regulated members and members of the general public to serve on many of their regulatory committees. Make a difference by joining a CARNA regulatory committee. It is an opportunity for members of the public and registrants to contribute to regulatory processes that protect patients.

Committee information and descriptions are available on the regulatory committees.

If you have a committee preference(s) please indicate this in your application.


The Health Professions Act (HPA) is the legislative framework through which health profession regulatory colleges work with the government to create accountability mechanisms in Alberta's health system. CARNA is responsible for governing registered nurses and nurse practitioners.


About the process or committees: please contact

About the on-line application or technology: please contact Governance Solutions, 1-888-698-3971

CARNA endeavours to ensure that all Alberta registered nurses and nurse practitioners provide safe, competent and ethical nursing care by:

  • setting the profession'€™s entrance qualifications;
  • approving nursing education programs;
  • issuing practice permits to those who meet the requirements;
  • developing and enforcing nursing standards;
  • ensuring that registrants maintain competence; and
  • taking action when a complaint about a registrant's practice is received.

About the Committees

There are seven regulatory committees within CARNA.

  • Complaint Review Committee
  • Registration Committee
  • Registration Review Committee
  • Competence Committee
  • Nursing Education Program Approval Committee
  • Hearing Tribunal
  • Appeals Committee

Please review the regulatory committee descriptions to see the purpose and duties of each committee.

How long will I serve?

The committee term varies by each committee. Please review the regulatory committee charters (GP14A – GP14G) for the term requirements for each committee.

What is the time commitment?

The commitment of time varies with each committee. Please review the regulatory committee descriptions to determine the committee that best aligns with your availability.

Can I attend meetings virtually?

Yes, committee meetings are currently occurring virtually and will continue to be held virtually for the foreseeable future.

Do I need to live in the Province of Alberta

Yes. All applicants must be residents of Alberta.

Do I need to be a nurse?

Regulatory committees are comprised of a mix of registered nurses or nurse practitioners and members of the public. CARNA has a number of current and future vacancies on its regulatory committees that are required to be filled by registered nurses/nurse practitioners and members of the public.

Will I be paid?

Yes. CARNA reimburses committee members for meetings, this varies based on the committee. CARNA will reimburse reasonable and legitimate expenses incurred by committee members working on CARNA business: the actual meeting time (including in-person, telephone or videoconferencing meetings).

How do I apply?

Click the link below to be taken directly to the application. You will be asked to upload your resume, include a short biography (current work experience, board/committee experience and relevant education) and include 3 references.

What happens after I've applied?

CARNA will be reviewing applications as per CARNA's Regulatory Committee Selection Policy.

The goal of the Nominating Committee is to achieve a balance of applicants who together cover the range of qualifications and skills needed by the committee; to consist of experienced and new members; to provide geographic representation; and to represent the province's diversity. All committee appointments will be approved at the September Council meeting and all applicants will be notified following that meeting.

NOTE: CARNA has engaged Governance Solutions to support the current recruitment process.

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