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The Professional Director Certification Program 


To start a Professional Director Education & Certification Program for your organization, sector or board, contact us today!

The particular offering of the Professional Director Certification Program is designed to ensure directors have the skills, knowledge, attitude and capabilities to fully contribute to the pursuit of excellence in corporate governance in the public sector.

At the completion of this program, directors will possess:

  • the skills and competence required to fulfill their roles as board members in the public sector;
  • an excellent knowledge of the function of corporate governance and how it operates within their organizational structure;
  • a good knowledge of finance specific to the public sector and the tools and know-how to use financial information appropriately; and
  • a good understanding of their own personal strengths and weaknesses, and be able to continually develop themselves to meet their future needs.

Registration opening soon

Module 1: Governance and Strategy / to be announced 

Module 2: Governance and Resources / dates to be announced

Module 3: Governance and Risk / dates to be announced

Module 4: Governance and People / dates to be announced

Full Program: $8260.00

Individual Modules: $2065.00

Why should I invest in governance training?

•   Governance Drives Success: The better an organization is governed, the better its management, accountability, fiscal responsibility, community engagement, customer care and focus, outcomes and accomplishments. 

•   Capacity Building: Our graduates serve not only on the boards of crown corporations, RHAs, colleges, universities and school boards, but they serve on many other boards across the province in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors. This contributes to the country's overall capacity to build and expand on its good governance practices. 

•   Network Benefits: Better governed organizations have strength both vertically – they are managed better – and horizontally – they work well across the system. Together there is a common language about corporate governance principles, concepts, expectations, roles, responsibilities and relationships with each other and with government.

Important details about cancellation, refunds and substitution are provided at the point of registration.  If you require assistance, please call the Registrar at (888) 698-3971.


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