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Jake Skinner

Vice-President, Online Services

Jake has been working with Governance Solutions Inc. (formerly known as Brown Governance Inc.) since 2000, acting as technician, programmer, web designer, Moodle administrator, and researcher. Jake combines creativity, innovation, governance content and technical skills to design and implement governance solutions for clients. These include on-line Board and CEO evaluations, Boardroom and Executive Culture tools, Board Skills Profiling, peer comparator benchmarking, along with dozens of customized applications for clients. Web-based corporate products and services designed by Mr. Skinner and sold on-line by GSI include director education, seminars, webinars, charters and policies, and many other board and governance effectiveness tools. Beyond his technology expertise he has made significant contributions to the corporate governance research work of Governance Solutions.

Acting as system administrator, videographer, and registrar, Jake had a major hand in the creation of the first fully comprehensive, Moodle-based online governance education program. With a worldwide user base, he continues to be inspired towards creative problem solving by the technical questions and challenges that arise from such a diverse and varied student body.

Jake was co-author of the Governance IdeaBook published by The Conference Board of Canada, as well as governance accountability benchmarking research reports, and a major article entitled “The Seven Deadly Sins of Enron.”