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Rafael Mazotine

BA Social Communication with an Advertising Major

Rafael Mazotine has 15 years of experience in Marketing and Marketing Communications in the B2B and B2C segments. In 2020 he joined the Governance Solutions team, assuming the Director – Customer Care – position. Rafael started his career working for the Cultural and Arts Department of The City of Campinas (Brazil), and then moved to the Interior Design and Architectural Products sector. Creativity and planning are part of his DNA. His expertise covers branding, social media, marketing communications planning, media, product launching, visual identity, and customer care experience. Rafael’s education is all related to social and cultural communication studies. His bachelor’s is in Social Communication with an Advertising Major. He has a master’s in marketing communications and two published papers; “The Prejudice in the Advertising” and “How Advertising was Affected by the Brazilian Dictatorship”.