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We can hone our talents, do our research, and read the latest books on the complexities of the boardroom, yet the greatest education still comes through experience.

When your job is to wrangle a dozen diverse personalities while promoting innovation and open dialogue, however, learning on the job can be a difficult proposition: That’s why Governance Solutions will be holding its world renowned Art and Science of Being a Chair seminar and workshop May 29th, 2017!

You will:

  • Receive instant constructive feedback and practical suggestions on your chairmanship style from your peers and our panel of experienced observers
  • Learn how to identify and work with different personality types and problem-solving preferences, including understanding and recognizing how each is motivated and inspired in different ways
  • Gain insight into the timing of meeting leadership, from dealing with dissent to knowing when to call for the vote
  • Learn how to deal with underperforming board members
  • Avoid pitfalls in director peer evaluation and the performance evaluation of the CEO
  • Learn techniques for building consensus and resolving disputes.
  • Find clarity around the roles and responsibilities of board members and management

If you’re already a Professional Director graduate this session counts as 7 hours of credit towards your designation’s Continuing Education requirement!

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Can't make it? Work from the office (or home!) and fulfill your training needs with The Professional Director Certification Program!



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