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The School Board Member Education and Certification Program

The School Board Member Education & Certification Program is designed to ensure school board members/trustees have the skills, knowledge, attitude and capabilities to fully contribute to the pursuit of excellence in corporate governance in the school board sector.

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Specific objectives of the School Board Member Education & Certification Program are as follows: 

  • To develop and implement a multi-tiered program which meets the training and development needs of new and renewing board members; 
  • To improve the confidence and capabilities of board members in their governance practices; 
  • To ensure a solid understanding of the fiduciary duties of board members;
  • To ensure board members are both knowledgeable of and well positioned in an effective and appropriate governance system; 
  • To provide education in all aspects of governance: behavioural, cultural and structural; and 
  • To provide participants with a certification program that recognizes them as Professional Directors™ (Pro.Dir™).


The benefits for the board members participating in the program are that they will have: 

  • The skills and competence required to fulfill their roles as board members in the PreK-12 education sector;
  • An excellent knowledge of the function of corporate governance and how it operates within their sector and organizational structure;
  • A good knowledge of organization finance and the tools and know-how to use financial information appropriately; and
  • A good understanding of their own personal strengths and weaknesses and be able to continually develop themselves to meet their future needs.


The program is comprised of four separate 2-day long modules plus a comprehensive exam.

All modules will be custom designed specifically for the sector, and include a mix of adult learning model delivery mechanisms including a major emphasis on experiential learning, e.g. behavioural simulations, case studies, breakout groups, board and chair practice sessions.

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“At the end of the two day module I was rejuvenated, buoyed, and felt much more confident in the work we are doing as a board.”

“Speakers were amazing and incredibly helpful.”

“I left feeling empowered with relevant and invaluable information!”

“Absolutely stimulating. Very well presented and easement of adult learning methodology.”

“Keep this good education coming! These are necessary for well-functioning boards.”

“Thank you for these sessions - they are extremely important!”


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