David A. H. Brown

B. Comm(Hons), Pro. Dir., C. Dir.
Executive Vice-President

The son of two bankers, David grew up listening to business problems around the dining room table – and how to solve them. It’s been his passion ever since. Today, David is Canada’s...

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Dr. Debra Brown

DMin, MDiv, Pro.Dir.
President & CEO, Governance Solutions

Debra was five-years-old when her father sat her behind the wheel of the family tractor, pointed at a tree across the field, and told her to drive straight at it, never taking her eye off the mark. I...

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Jake Skinner

Vice-President, Online Solutions

With a broad technical skill set and a passion for creative problem solving, Jake is the organization’s digital Swiss army knife. In his role as Vice-President of Online Solutions, Jake leads o...

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Rob DeRooy

B. Comm, C.Dir., Pro.Dir
Vice-President, Governance & Strategy

A skilled woodworker, Rob will occasionally come across a log on his property. Just lying there. Not terribly useful. But Rob sees what others don’t. He sees what the log could be. Then he pati...

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Dave McComiskey

B.Comm, MA, Pro.Dir.Gov
Vice-President, Governance & Leadership

A seasoned executive and board member with over 25 years of lived experience, governance isn’t a theoretical exercise to Dave. He’s seen both sides of the coin: how quickly bad governance...

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Vicki Dickson

Senior Associate

Vicki has spent her entire career in pursuit of performance excellence. She also brings a unique perspective into the needs of Governance Solutions’ clients for one simple reason – she us...

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Ann Watson

Senior Associate

Ann has decades of advisory and investing experience spanning venture and impact capital, private equity and investment banking. She was a leader in bringing the secondary private equity market to Ca...

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Rafael Mazotine

Director, Marketing & Customer Care

A keen student of people and the world, Rafael’s mind never stops working. As Director of Marketing & Customer Care, he’s constantly looking deeper into the cultural patterns that sha...

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Tan Crombie

Director, Governance Programs

An experienced leader with proven success in governance, policy development and implementation, Tan brings a photographer’s eye to every task. Focusing in on her subject, or looking at it from ...

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Ana Almeida

Administrative Associate

Reliable and a master of multitasking, Ana is always ready to lend a helping hand and go the extra mile. As an Administrative Associate, she supports our team by welcoming clients, managing program r...

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