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Board Evaluation

BGI has developed particular expertise in developing, delivering and analyzing Board, Chair, Committee, Committee Chair and Individual Director evaluations and assessments – both self and peer.

BGI has been conducting board evaluation and assessment for over 20 years, using a variety of tools and approaches designed to meet the needs of each individual board.

All of our assessments and evaluations incorporate governance structure and policy and behavioural aspects of boardroom effectiveness.

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Board Evaluations FAQ’s

What Is BGI’s Approach to Board Evaluation and Assessment?

In general BGI uses 5 differing approaches to board assessment and evaluation: surveys, interviews, observations, cultural analysis, and facilitated dialogue using a number of differing tools and methods. We are adept at understanding which approach and tool works best with a specific board based on where they are in their governance journey.

Does BGI Address Any Underlying Cultural Issues Around the Boardroom Table?

BGI also has the only Boardroom Culture Tool™ designed to analyze underlying cultural issues toward making lasting and positive cultural changes at this significant level of the organization.

How Deep is BGI’s Experience in Evaluating and Assessing Board Performance?

BGI has been conducting individual-self, as well as peer evaluations of individuals, for many years. Using a combination of surveys, interviews and coaching techniques, we have assisted hundreds of boards and individual directors to learn and grow in their ability to oversee the organizations they serve.

Will BGI Provide Expert Recommendations as Part of the Board Evaluation and Assessment?

Yes! BGI is known for its capacity to see beyond the numbers to the meaning that lies beneath. And, for having the credibility, tact, diplomacy and candour for communicating results to all specified parties. Reporting results is only the beginning. All of our evaluations include recommendations for next steps in all facets of the assessment, be they governance structure, process, behaviour or culture.

Will BGI Customize the Board Evaluation and Assessment to Our Particular Needs?

Yes! Experts in corporate governance, evaluation and assessments, we are known for our innovative thinking and using customized methods that meet the unique needs of our clients. Working with our clients, we determine the most effective means of approaching these evaluations based on where the organization is on its governance journey and where it aspires – and needs – to be.

Can We Expect to Get a Written Report and Workplan Following Our Board Evaluation and Assessment?

Yes! Our comprehensive reporting of results, recommendations and actionable work plans help our clients to ensure that the efforts of time and money that they invest in the evaluation and assessment process add real value to the organization.

Does BGI Provide Peer Benchmarks with its Board Evaluations and Assessments?

Yes! We have been gathering benchmarks in the areas of board, chair, committee, committee chair, individual Director peer and self, and CEO evaluation for a number of years – where applicable benchmarks exist we provide these in conjunction with the evaluation.

Will BGI Tell Us What They Think?

Yes! We are widely recognized for our experience and objectivity in providing reliable and actionable governance opinions to organizations based on independent evaluation, assessment and rigourous research and analysis. We will be open, direct, honest, practical and helpful.

Does BGI Stay Abreast of Governance Practices and Adapt Its Board Evaluations and Assessments Accordingly?

Yes! We stay abreast of governance practices, trends and changes and the implications of those changes in order to professionally and confidently conduct governance best practice reviews and assessments.

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