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CEO Evaluation

CEO Evaluation and Assessment CEO Evaluation and Assessment is a multi-purpose tool designed to ensure a CEO’s optimal contribution to the organization’s performance. 

  • It’s a planning tool - clarifying personal and organizational objectives and expectations 
  • It’s an accountability tool - focusing the CEO’s efforts and increasing performance accountability 
  • It’s a learning tool - assisting in developing the CEO’s skills 
  • It’s a recognition tool - identifying and acknowledging the CEO’s strengths and achievements 
  • It’s a diagnostic tool - addressing any shortfalls and areas needing improving or enhancing 
  • It’s a communications tool - reducing ambiguity and potential misunderstandings between the board and CEO, while contributing to higher cohesion, respect, trust and a healthy working relationship 
  • It’s a dialogue and consensus-building tool - giving board members a regular opportunity to check that they understand and agree on the organization’s and CEO’s priorities and how well these are being met 
  • It’s a compensation tool - providing a strong link between performance and rewards – the foundation for compensation based on performance

An effective evaluation process empowers and supports the CEO, providing him/her with constructive feedback and helping him/her personally to develop.

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