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Governance Solutions' consultants (formerly known as Brown Governance Inc.) can help you and your board direct and oversee your organization.  We are known for our tactful, straightforward approach to solving our clients' most complex governance challenges. We work hand-in-hand with clients to improve governance, and to ensure the board adds value and positively contributes to organizational success. We have deep expertise, having served hundreds of organizations in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors around the globe!  

GSI is the trusted governance advisor of record for a number of boards across the country and around the globe, providing advice in all aspects of corporate governance including those related to evaluation and assessment matters of concern to them.

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Did You Know?

Governance Solutions offers all of these services!

Organize Your Board

Did you know that we offer BoardConnex, the latest in board portal solutions?  Ours is a smart board portal integrating governance resources, advice and collaboration tools with meeting and document management!  And, we offer it at a fraction of the cost of those other portals!

Educate Your Board

Did you know that we offer The Professional Director Certification Program, an online director education program that provides you with a Pro.Dir™ designation?  Economical, accessible, high quality governance education, available anytime, anywhere!

Build Your Board

Did you know that we offer Director Profile, an online board profiling tool that identifies the gaps in skills, experience, diversity and other attributes that you can use to recruit your next director?  This low-cost tool also creates a director education plan to bridge the remaining gaps through training.  And, we can recruit new directors or search our database of Professional Directors™ for potential directors that match your needs.

Leverage Your Board

Did you know that we offer affordable customized board-level strategic planning sessions that include your own Scorecard Solution, a board level scorecard as a takeaway from the session?  The scorecard not only brings alignment to organizational efforts from the mailroom to the boardroom, it becomes a clear quarterly performance reporting tool from the CEO to the Board!

Evaluate Your Board

Did you know that we offer The Board Evaluation Solution, a best practice, comprehensive, online board evaluation suite that is second to none?  This suite includes evaluation of the board, its committees, the board and committee chairs, and individual director peer and self-evaluations!  And, we offer The Boardroom Culture Solution, an online boardroom culture tool that quickly and effectively analyzes the culture in your Boardroom and gives practical advice to solve cultural problems!  And, we offer The CEO Evaluation Solution, an online CEO evaluation tool that makes this task as easy as 1, 2, 3!  Our reports give you comprehensive results with clearly identified areas for action and improvement.  It’s easy and inexpensive.

Optimize Your Board

Did you know that we have a team of world-class consultants who offer customized governance solutions and support for the board and executive team?  Budget-friendly customized solutions like:

  • Board training sessions
  • Governance Policy Manuals and Director Handbooks
  • Board compensation reviews
  • Governance best practice reviews
  • Personalized coaching in optimal board and director functioning, behaviour and culture

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