Best practices are a straight line through the maze: Leverage the proven strategies for success your board needs to ensure you’re staying compliant and working at maximum effectiveness. As leading governance experts, we pride ourselves on staying current with ever-changing governance guidelines, rules, and regulations.

Our proprietary diagnostic tool gives you access to a comprehensive inventory of best practices in governance policies and practices aligned with the most current, relevant governance bodies and jurisdictions. We then customize this to your own governance and accountability framework and benchmark your governance documentation, policies, practices, and structure. It’s the perfect way to assure your shareholders and stakeholders you’re staying compliant – and recognize opportunities to improve.

"With so many spotlights trained on corporate boards, there could hardly be a better moment for hands-on, cutting-edge guidance on how directors can power success – and avoid traps. Debra and David Brown are world-class experts".
Stephen Davis, Ph.D. – Associate Director and Senior Fellow, Harvard Law School Programs on Corporate Governance and Institutional Investors