Board & CEO Assessment

Optimize your board effectiveness with a custom evaluation tailored to your needs and hands-on guidance from trusted governance experts. We understand that objectively interpreting results and insights – and translating them into actionable strategies – can pose a challenge. That’s where we come in.

Tailored Evaluation Tools:
Bring the consulting team into your boardroom to craft bespoke evaluation tools designed to your unique requirements, ensuring a comprehensive assessment of board dynamics and performance. Our tools, encompassing both evaluation and culture diagnostics, yield rich, nuanced, practical reports brimming with insights.

Self-Administered Tools & Additional Consulting:
You may already be familiar with our self-administered solutions, like our Board Evaluation Suite, and these powerful tools can be exactly what is needed to address your needs when operating in smooth waters. But what happens if you receive a surprise in your report back? Our team is happy to come alongside to help you interpret the findings, and to offer up the next steps for navigating any unexpected turns.

"The line between board and management just became crystal clear for all of us! The board governs – management manages – the organization flourishes. That’s why board exists"!
Norman Loberg – Corporate Director, Chair of the Board, Alectra Utilities.