Good governance is a group effort!

Whether your directors need focused training in a specific area or broader updates on current issues and trends in the boardroom, our experts can customize a session to your needs and sector. These training sessions can address onboarding essentials, reaffirm your board’s identity and objectives, or focus on a specific need you may have identified.

Tailored sessions designed exclusively for you:
See how your governance system measures up against the latest governance guidelines, rules, and regulations. Utilizing our proprietary framework, we conduct thorough reviews of governance processes, identify areas for enhancement, and deliver actionable recommendations.

Beyond the basics in Corporate Governance:
To support the challenge of raising all board members to the same level of skills and knowledge, we have designed several programs that can be delivered in person or online, individually or as a team, and customized to your organization’s needs. By leveraging your financial statements, strategic plan, scorecard, and other pertinent materials, we ensure that the case studies presented are directly applicable to your unique circumstances.

- The Professional Director Certification Program®
- The Art & Science of Being a Chair Certificate Program
- Financial Governance for Non-Financial Leaders Certificate Program
- Not-for-Profit Governance Certificate Program

Welcoming New Board Members:
In our commitment to seamless transitions and effective governance, we have developed a variety of educational offerings aimed at welcoming new board members and equipping them to navigate the complexities of their roles with confidence. These are a perfect addition or complement to your onboarding program.

- Basics in Financial Literacy
- The Boardroom Boot Camp
- Know Your Roles:
          • The Role of the Board, C-Suite, Leadership Team, & Beyond
          • The Role of the Board in AI
          • The Role of the Board in ESG
          • The Role of the Board in Social Issues
          • The Role of the Board in Strategy

"Regardless of how many Boards and years of serving diligently, I learned a great deal during my studies with Governance Solutions".
Gary M Seveny – Executive Director and Chairman, Apaylo Finance Technology Inc.