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CEO Evaluation FAQ

CEO Evaluation FAQ

Yes! We use the term “CEO” generically. The CEO Evaluation Solution is designed to evaluate the senior most leader in the organization – regardless of their title—CEO, CAO, Executive Director, General Manager, or otherwise, this tool will work for you.

That depends! Typically, the staff person responsible for governance at your organization, or the VP HR will act as the administrator in partnership with the Governance Committee or Board Chair. Should you need help, we are here to guide you through the process.

That depends! This depends on the organization and the evaluation being conducted. Most organizations conduct a 360o which includes the board members and the management team (the CEO’s directs reports) in the evaluation process.

Yes and no! The core, best practice, research-based questions are not intended to be varied and will provide robust, comprehensive results and scorecards for your use. Maintaining consistency in these questions allows Governance Solutions to provide your organization with better objectivity and context to your results. You are welcome to add a few further questions tailored to your own situation and issues.

Yes! All data is reported in aggregate and is kept confidential. Even your administrator is not able to view individual results. All of our online products subscribe to the highest levels of security. All data is housed on Canadian servers.

Yes! Your administrator should be able to handle any routine technical problems you may encounter, like providing login and password information, how to complete a survey, timelines for completion, etc. For those times when support is needed beyond the routine, Governance Solutions can be reached at 1-888-698-3971 between the hours of 9:00 and 5:00 EST or by email anytime at

That depends! Each organization makes this decision based on its own CEO and circumstances. Typically, the HR & Compensation Committee, Board Chair, and of course the CEO, sees the full report. In some organizations, the full Board sees an executive summary, in others, they see the full report. Some CEOs share their report with those on the management team who took part in the survey, while others choose not to. This should be decided in consultation with the CEO.

With the click of a button! Results are provided to the administrator by Governance Solutions once all respondents have completed their surveys. This occurs immediately after the administrator closes the evaluation with a simple click of a button. The administrator will provide reports to respondents based on your organization’s evaluation workplan. For example, some organizations have the administrator provide the report directly to the CEO, Board Chair, and the HR & Compensation Committee simultaneously. Others may choose to do this differently depending on their circumstances. For example, they may provide the CEO opportunity to review the report before others see it.

Yes! Our goal is to make CEO evaluations an easy, value-added process. You can choose the approach that works best for you. From conducting your evaluation completely through a self-serve approach, or having us do all of the work. Either way you reap all of the benefits. Choosing a customized approach that includes our recommendations and governance action plans are available and affordable. Please contact us directly for a quote.

CEO Evaluation $1295 (per use)

The CEO Evaluation Solution is also available in Board Connex Premium®, a comprehensive board portal which comes complete with a comprehensive Board evaluation suite, a CEO evaluation, and a number of other governance tools, from $7500 per year.

All fees are exclusive of applicable taxes.