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Getting Succession & Renewal Right: The Board, Board Chair, and Committees (Self-Paced)

Different categories of organization have different approaches to renewal and succession, but it can be a tricky topic whatever your sector.

Our Getting Succession & Renewal Right session is designed to provide a “Day: One to Day: Done” overview of how a public or private board is built, educated, and optimized, including a look at leadership selection.

You need to ensure the orderly identification and selection of new directors, that board members are prepared to meet their duties once they do arrive at the table, and that the right people, with the right mix of skills and perspectives, fill their shoes when it’s finally time to refresh the seat.

Then, once you do have a room full of talent, how do you ensure the right skills end up on the right committee? How do you pick a Chair to lead them?

The good news is; we can help you!

Composition, Structure, and Leadership

Learn how to best plan for the succession of board and committee chairs, the latest practices for selecting and appointing Chairs, and how best to approach term limits.

We’ll also cover how benchmarking and intentional recruitment builds the “best fit” for board committees!

Be ready for some important discussions!

Recruitment, including the role of EDI
Pre-onboarding and onboarding best practices, both virtually and in-person
Evaluation and performance monitoring: Annual, informal, formal
Term limits
Planned, Sudden, and Worst-Case Exits

This 90-min session is intended for:

Board Members
Executive Directors
C-Suite Members
Governance Professionals & Corporate Secretaries                                  


90-min session
Continuing Education Credits: 1.5 hours 


Note: This is a recorded session originally delivered to a live audience, replays may contain occasional interactions.