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Know Your Roles: The Board, C-Suite, Leadership Team, & Beyond (Self-Paced)

Know where to draw the lines!

A functioning boardroom is a machine with many moving parts: Is your timing right? Is your information flowing? Is your strategy meshing?

It’s important to understand how these parts work together to get the most out of your organization's performance.

Do you have the right fit?

Mastering your own role can be a challenge, and it can sometimes be made more difficult by trying not to step on the others’ toes - or having your own trampled!

Blurred lines? You are not alone!

Clarity around roles is one of the most common questions we hear when out in the field

So, join Governance Solutions’ experts and Professional Director faculty as we dive into the roles of board members and management in the most common milestone events of a typical annual cycle for a board:

  •  Strategic Planning
  • Performance Measurement/Risk/KPIs/Reporting
  • CEO Evaluation and Performance
  • Policy Development
  • Financial Oversight

For each board activity, we’ll talk about key roles and responsibilities, who does what, in what order, why and why it matters:

  •  Who does what at important intervals throughout a board’s annual cycle.
  • How board members and C-suite should approach continuous learning and growth together.
  • How each role can support the type of board you are – operational, governance? – or keep you from progressing when roles are blurred.

And more!

Who are your role models?

You’ll leave with confidence in your understanding of the role of a:

  • Board Member
  • Chairperson
  • Executive Director
  • C-Suite: CEO, CFO, CIO
  • Governance Professional & Corporate Secretary


  1. 5 types of Board Assessment
  2. Guide to Measuring Success
  3. Delegation of Authority


90-min session
Continuing Education Credits: 1.5 hours 


Note: This is a recorded session originally delivered to a live audience, replays may contain occasional interactions.