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Culture, Covid and the Board (Self-Paced)

If you’re not leading your culture, your culture is leading you!

There are a lot of things happening around us in our culture that will impact your homes, families, workplaces, corporations, cities, nations, and your world. You can either lead through that proactively, or you can let the culture overcome you.

Over this program, we discuss how to navigate the greatest cultural transformation opportunity and threat of our lifetime!

Designed for you:

If you are a Chair or Committee Chair, board member, CEO, C-Suite Executive, or staff that supports your governance functions, you won't want to miss these live events! 

Video 1: If You’re Not Leading Your Culture, Your Culture is Leading You!
Video 2: Culture is Changing – What’s My Job?
Video 3: Culture in Times of Disruption: What the Board Needs to Know 
Video 4: Transformation and the People Journey in the New Normal
Video 5: The Link Between Culture, Strategy, and Results
Video 6: What You Need to Know About Your Own Boardroom Culture
Video 7: The 10 Markers of a High-Performance Board 
Video 8: What Kind of Leader Will it Take to Transform Your Culture? 

- 60min per video
- Continuing Education Credits: 8 hours 

Available Resources:

By joining this course, you will have access to curated materials from Governance Solutions.

- The Role of the Board in Organizational Culture
- Transforming Organizational Culture
- Governance and Culture Alignment Tool
- The Culture Formation and Change Process
- Delegation of Authority Policy
- Governance and Culture Alignment Tool with Culture Dimensions
- The Boardroom Culture Solution
- 10 High-Performance Board Barometers

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