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The Board’s Role in Social Issues (Self-Paced)

We are in the middle of a cultural tug of war: Conservative voices calling for boards to stay out of social issues and concentrate on business vs. social activists demand more socially conscious corporations.

What position should you, and your organization, take on this minefield?

Let Governance Solutions help guide you!

Find a balance that suits your corporate strategy and brings the best long-term results!


Board members are trying to do what is right for the Corporation when it comes to social considerations, but there are competing ideologies on what that looks like.

Where we are when it comes to social issues?

In California, the State is mandating diversity considerations on boards, but in Florida, the State is punishing Disney for taking a stand on LGBTQ+ rights.

The activist investor Bill Ackerman has started Anti- ESG investment funds and Larry Fink the CEO of Blackrock is still calling on CEOs to step up on ESG considerations.

It isn’t about who is right and who is wrong! 

If we don’t involve ourselves in social issues, we could lose the loyalty of our customers and clients. But if we get too involved, we could get on the wrong side of some of our investors.

Neither result is ideal for the company!

This interactive session will provide you with a framework that will help you find a sustainable way to navigate this minefield.


90-min session
Continuing Education Credits: 1.5 hours 


Note: This is a recorded session originally delivered to a live audience, replays may contain occasional interactions.