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The Boardroom Boot Camp (Self-Paced)

The Boardroom Boot Camp is designed for those who seek grounding in the foundations of corporate governance and the roles of the board and the management team in governance.

Sign up for the Boardroom Boot Camp and be ready to land on the right foot for the fall meeting season! 

Video 1: Corporate Governance Principles & Benefits

This session is designed to bring a principles-based governance context and clarity to the roles, duties, responsibilities, and relationships of the board, Chair, management, board committees, and the principal(s)-owner(s).

- Definition and benefits of corporate governance
- Underlies governance models
- Core roles and secondary roles of the board
- The 5 types of boards

Video 2: Role of the Board in Leadership & Stewardship

This day focuses on the leadership and stewardship aspects of governance – the directional side of the system.  These aspects of governance help its leaders to answer the questions: “Where are we headed?", "What obstacles and opportunities might we face along the way?", "Who will do what?", "What are the boundaries and guidelines?", and “How will we resource our efforts?”.

- Strategic Planning
- Risk Governance
- Board Renewal
- CEO/Executive Director succession
- Budget

Video 3: Rules of Order: Your Top 10 Questions get Answered  

Rules of order can be daunting for many. They are sometimes complex and confusing to apply in the middle of a contentious or challenging boardroom or annual general meeting decision. There are some very common questions we are asked about rules of order that have easy answers. In this session you will learn to master motions as we answer the top 10 most asked questions.

- Rules of order and their importance
- Most common rules of order used in the boardroom
- Top 10 questions most asked about motions and rules of order – and answers!

Video 4: Role of the Board in Monitoring & Reporting

This session focuses on the monitoring and reporting aspects of governance – the control side of the system. These aspects help the organization’s leaders to answer the questions: Where are we going compared to where we said we would be?  How do we measure up and how well have we mitigated our risks and acted on our opportunities?  How well did the Board and CEO/Executive Director perform? How well are our policies working? and How are we doing compared to the budget?

- The Board’s role in performance oversight
- Scorecards and dashboards
- What must go up, and what must stay the same?
- How to show results visually
- Lagging and leading indicators
- Reports
- Evaluation: CEO/Executive Director, Board, Chair(s), Committees, and individual Board members and The Governance Index

Video 5: Role of the Board in Communication & Innovation

Boards tend to cross the line between governance and operations when it comes to the “fun” parts of the operations, such as connecting with stakeholders or coming up with new ideas for how to operate the business. Few organizations draw a clear line here! This session is designed to focus on the communication and innovation elements of governance – “where does the role of the board start and where does it stop?”

- Innovation at the board level
- Accountability and reporting to stakeholders
- Transparency, clarity, and accountability
- Disclosure Dilemma
- The public: connecting with our communities, acting in the public interest, community needs, and ESG
- Governance and Communications Protocols

90min per video
Continuing Education Credits: 7.5 hours 

Governance is a group effort!

These training sessions were designed for both, Board Members and C-Suite Executives.
When teams learn together, they operate on the same governance page, and the organization soon feels the positive results!

Be prepared to:

  • Discuss and refresh themselves on the foundational elements of board governance that all board members and executives need to know
  • Gain clarity on how and where to draw the line between the board and management teams
  • Understand the role of the board in leadership, stewardship, monitoring, reporting, communications, and innovation
  • Get answers to the top questions about motions and rules of order
  • Access to tools and research such as the Bright Line Matrix, the 5 Types of Board Assessment Tool, a Roberts Rules of Order Cheat Sheet, a Guide to Measuring Success, and more!


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