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C-Suite Succession: The Great Resignation (Self-Paced)

The Role of the Board in Workforce Planning and Succession

A lot has changed in the pandemic years, leading many to re-evaluate their careers.

The C-Suite is not immune to The Great Resignation.
Organizations are experiencing record numbers of resignations, including of the CEO and elsewhere in the C-Suite.

What is causing the great resignation and how can the board stay ahead of it?
Compensation, benefits, or development opportunities aren't the main resignation drives anymore.
Unless boards understand why executives are leaving, they won’t know what changes to adopt to recruitment and retention strategies. Those boards will lose the battle for scarce executive talent.

Is your board ready for the orderly succession of the current CEO?
You need to have a real handle on efforts to build depth, breadth, and strength in the organization’s talent pool.

This program will allow you to:

  • Gain insight into The Great Resignation – what is it, what’s driving it, and what does your board need to do about it?
  • Understand what’s motivating the shift, and what changes boards need to make to executive recruitment and retention.
  • Learn how boards oversee succession planning and talent management.
  • Assess the Health of Your CEO Succession Plan.
  • Create a 3-level framework for CEO Succession.
  • Build a proactive roadmap for an orderly succession.
  • Access tools and resources for building your CEO Succession toolkit.

Video 1 – What is the cause of The Great Resignation and how can the board stay ahead of it.

Video 2 – The 3 levels of CEO succession, and the unique challenges of emergency succession.

Video 3 – The proactive roadmap for an orderly succession.

Video 4 – The excellence in talent management and succession planning.

60 min per video
Continuing Education Credits: 4 hours 

Be prepared!

A well-prepared CEO succession plan allows the organization to transition smoothly, be it due to a sudden exit or a long-planned retirement. Be sure you have depth, breadth, and strength in your organization’s talent pool.


Note: This is a recorded session originally delivered to a live audience, replays may contain occasional interactions.