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ESG Matters

We only have one planet!

Individually and corporately, we are all stewards of the natural environment, but we have not protected, nurtured, or renewed it as well as we should have.

In ESG Mattersauthors Dr. Debra L. Brown and David A. H. Brown challenge the thinking that businesses operate in a vacuum, separate from the environment. Maintaining a focus on environment, social, and governance (ESG) places an organization a step above those that don’t consider the ethics of good business.

ESG goes beyond corporate social responsibility that holds an organization accountable. Using the right criteria, leaders can create visible metrics for the organization’s ESG success.

ESG Matters helps readers:

  • Examine their beliefs to make financial and investment decisions thoughtfully and deliberately.
  • Understand how to use their purchasing power to protect and renew the environment.
  • Recognize the true impact of their spending decisions.
  • Influence public perception and ultimately boost their bottom line.

    Save the Planet, Empower People, and Outperform the Competition
     starting today!

Stay ahead of the curve with the latest insights from Canada’s governance thought leaders.


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