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Governance Solutions and Professional Director® is pleased to welcome ICD Zimbabwe to the ProDir family!

Governance Solutions Inc. and Professional Director Inc. are pleased to advise that beginning June 1st, 2019, the Institute of Corporate Directors, Zimbabwe entered into an agreement with Professional Director as the exclusive sales agency for The Professional Director Education and Certification Program® in Zimbabwe. 

Founded in 2009, this internationally recognized program is designed to ensure directors have the skills, knowledge, attitude and capabilities to fully contribute to the pursuit of excellence in corporate governance.

The program is comprised of four core modules and a mandatory comprehensive practicum exam, all available entirely online. Successful completion earns participants a Pro.Dir® designation.

Graduates will:

  • Gain the competence and confidence needed to fulfill their roles as board members with excellence;
  • Build exceptional knowledge of the function of corporate governance and how it operates within their business, sector and organizational structure; and
  • Obtain good grasp of business finance and the tools and know-how to use financial information appropriately at the board level.


Certification is viewed by many as a hallmark of a “best practice” director education program today and is a great "take-away" benefit for participants who complete the training, as well as a valuable investment for the organizations they serve.

Of course, the consistency and quality of the content and delivery of the Professional Director Education and Certification Program® is of the utmost importance to its value and the benefit of the certification, and as such the program’s and exam’s educational and academic quality are overseen by an Oversight Committee that includes a strong academic presence.

We commend the Institute of Corporate Directors, Zimbabwe and this program to you.

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