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The Ontario College of Teachers is looking for qualified and dedicated individuals, reflecting Ontario’s diversity, to support the well-being of Ontario's two million students and help shape the future of education in the province.

The College is accepting applications from members of the public and licensed Ontario teachers to join its governing body as part of Council, committees and rosters.

While the duration of service will vary based on the work of Council or the committee, most will require between 10 and 30 days during each school year to attend, prepare for, and when in person meetings resume, travel to and from meetings held in Toronto.

Terms of service are for two-years.

Council – about the role
Council membership begins January 1, 2022.

  • Council ensures that policies are established in accordance with the College’s objectives as set out in the Ontario College of Teachers Act. As a group, members of Council provide oversight and direction to the Registrar, the College’s Chief Executive Officer. Council members will also serve on the following subcommittees: Audit and Finance, Human Resources, and Selection and Nominating.
  • During their term, Council members protect the public interest, grow as leaders, and develop skills in board governance.
  • There are at least four Council meetings each year attended by all members. On average, Council members dedicate 10 to 30 days a year to Council business.
  • The College provides thorough education sessions to orient new Council members to the College and its activities, current issues, policies, and procedures before they assume their Council and committee responsibilities.

Apply now.

Committees – about the role
Committee membership begins January 1, 2022.

  • Committees carry out statutory and regulatory duties of the College. Some committees, such as Accreditation and Discipline, require additional time to serve on decision-making panels. Statutory committee chairs and vice-chairs also serve on the Adjudicative Body of Chairs.
  • There are four statutory committees open for applications (Investigation, Discipline, Fitness to Practise, and Registration Appeals) and three regulatory committees (Accreditation, Accreditation Appeal, and Standards of Practice and Education). Committee members do not serve on Council or rosters.
  • Committee members typically dedicate 10 to 30 days a year to committee business.
  • Individuals who serve on the College’s committees will make decisions impacting specific aspects of teaching and education in Ontario.

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Rosters– About the Role
Roster members participate on panels alongside committee members to decide on matters on behalf of a committee. They do not serve on Council or committees and may dedicate anywhere from 10 to 30 days annually to roster work.

Criteria for Appointment to Council, Committees or Decision-Making Panels
Council, committees and decision-making panels will be made up of members of the public and Ontario Certified Teachers.

The College’s Transition Supervisory Officer or TSO, will identify and appoint individuals to roles with consideration given to:

  • demonstrated commitment to the College’s mission, mandate, and the safeguarding of students
  • familiarity with the College’s legislation, regulations, and policies
  • ability to practise independent and unbiased decision-making
  • independence from other memberships, directorships, voluntary or paid positions, or affiliations that may present a conflict of interest
  • previous adjudicative or complaint screening panel experience and/or applicable training, including in the areas of administrative law and professional regulation
  • ability to work constructively with staff and other committee members
  • availability to perform the College’s work, including any panel preparation/reading requirements
  • availability to participate in any training required by the College to perform the required functions
  • ability to make legally sound and well-reasoned decisions quickly and efficiently based on available information
  • computer literacy and experience working in a remote environment using videoconferencing and related technology
  • oral and written fluency in either English or French
  • residence in different regions
  • reflecting Ontario’s diversity
  • current or former employment as a principal, vice-principal, or supervisory officer
  • current or former employment as a teacher in Ontario schools (elementary &/or secondary)
  • specialized content, knowledge and expertise in teacher education and/or experience as an educator in a faculty of education (in the case of teacher education program reviews)

Find out More
Watch our short video to find out what’s involved and how to apply. The application process is open until September 30, 2021, and individuals will assume their new roles effective January 1, 2022.

Apply now for positions on Council, committees and rosters.

College Mandate
The College regulates and governs the teaching profession in Ontario in the best interests of the public. It does this by:

  • setting ethical standards and standards of practice
  • issuing teaching certificates, which it may suspend or revoke
  • accrediting teacher education programs and courses
  • investigating and hearing complaints about individual members.

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