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It's time again to change your tires, unpack heavy coats, and ready your shovels, but the cozy season is also an excellent opportunity to invest in your professional education journey. 

The Self-Paced format of our Professional Director Certification Program® was designed for students with busy schedules who need to balance their studies with work or family responsibilities. This format allows maximum flexibility, convenience, and autonomy with zero pressure. Review your course materials and complete assignments for all 6 modules at your own pace, while still knowing that a faculty member is just an email away if you should have questions.

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To assist with your goal of returning to the boardroom next Spring with a broader skillset – here are 5 quick tips to help you conquer the self-guided Professional Director Certification Program®.

01. Understand the Structure and Deliverables

For any educational undertaking, a participant must ask, what deadlines do I need to anticipate?
Fortunately, in the case of the Professional Director Certificate Program®, the requirements are clear: There are six modules, each with a 10-question true/false or multiple-choice quiz, and then a final examination of 40 similar questions, and the only deadline is to complete it within three years of engaging in the first module.

02. Create a Study Plan

Once you understand the structure, you can create your own study plan. For many Pro.Dir® students in the self-guided program, schedule flexibility is one of the greatest advantages, as the program is designed to allow busy leaders to fit the course into their daily lives.
Having a planned structure in mind is a helpful tool, but you know your schedule best!

Understanding that there are approximately 5 videos per session, at 20 minutes each, here are some approaches suggested by our faculty members:
- Watch one video per day of study, study once a week, and finish all modules in 31 weeks.
- Watch two videos per day of study, study once a week, and finish all modules in 16 weeks.
- Watch two videos per day of study, study twice a week, and finish all modules in 8 weeks.

03. Avoid Distractions

While the flexibility of online life can allow us to achieve great things in unexpected places, sometimes too much choice can divide our attention. Things as simple as closing the door, turning off local noise makers, and inserting a pair of earbuds to focus on your next educational video can make all the difference.

Fortunately, the majority of educational topics are covered in 20 minutes, so there’s always time for Netflix later!

04. Make Notes

Studies have shown active notetaking helps facilitate memorization, but, perhaps just as importantly, Professional Director® quizzes and exams are open-book. While the downloadable materials cover everything you need to know, it certainly helps to have your notes to point you in the right direction!

05. Reward Yourself

You’re dedicating a portion of these chilly months to bettering yourself and your organization, so do not hesitate to reward yourself equally well. As you sit down to your studies consider some small treat – a holiday cookie, going out for hot chocolate with a child or grandchild, or even indulging in your latest page-turner – that will seem all the sweeter when you’ve completed your task.


Professional Director Certification Program®
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