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The Boardroom Culture Solution™

Governance effectiveness can be viewed as the interplay among three aspects: governance structure, behaviours, and culture.

Having a good governance structure is important. Aspects like process, board functioning, compliance, oversight, control, the board’s approach to strategy, and finely tuned documentation are all significant contributors to good governance structure. An immense amount of time is invested by organizations in ensuring a well-oiled governance machine is in place.

But governance is about more than just good structure. The competence and character of the individuals on the board, and how directors and management behave in the boardroom are just as important.

And, even deeper, lying at the very foundation of the competence, the behaviours, and the structure, lies governance culture. Understanding that underlying culture – those unwritten, often even unspoken norms upon which all else is built – is critical to governance success.

Governance Solutions has researched, created and employs a proprietary The Boardroom Culture Solution™ use either on its own or in our evaluations and assessments, in order to determine the board’s underlying cultural context. This approach provides our clients with the opportunity to move beyond checklist governance approaches, to understanding and adapting the cultural power drivers that impact the organization’s governance choices and practices, and ultimately its level of effectiveness, efficiency and success.

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