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Governance Solutions: The Ultimate Guide to Competence and Confidence in the Boardroom (HARD COPY - 636 Pages)

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Today’s board members need more tools not more rules!

 Governance Solutions: The Ultimate Guide to Competence and Confidence in the Boardroom is chock full of governance tools that make the complex seem simple and bring order to the chaos.

 This is not just a book “about governance”, it tells you how to “do governance”.

 Authors David A. H. Brown and Dr. Debra L. Brown deliver:

  • Proven Governance Solutions: It is a single source—the ultimate guide—for solving your governance problems.
  • Access: It includes almost 70 governance concepts and tools that are unique only to this book.
  • Competence and Confidence: It covers the broad spectrum of governance issues from governance structure and process, through boardroom leadership, culture and behaviour.
  • Answers! It tells you not only what works, but as importantly what does not work in governance.

 With so many spotlights trained on corporate boards, there could hardly be a better moment for hands-on, cutting-edge guidance on how directors can power success—and avoid traps. David and Debra Brown are world-class experts; their new book earns a place on director desks everywhere.

Stephen Davis, Ph.D. 
Associate Director and Senior Fellow
Harvard Law School Programs on Corporate Governance and Institutional Investors

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