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Board and CEO Succession: How Bias Can Hurt or Help

Board and CEO Succession: How Bias Can Hurt or Help
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Learn how to overcome the #1 mistake in succession planning.

Optimize succession and build a more effective board

Get the tools you need to optimize your board and avoid transition trauma. Even the world’s best governance structure isn’t enough if you don’t have the right people, competence and character in your boardroom or C-Suite. But identifying the best people for the job can be surprisingly challenging, because we’re often blind to how our unconscious biases impact our decision-making.

This series was designed to help you build the optimal board by recognizing and overcoming the biases that could make you overlook top talent. 

Remove unconscious bias from conscious succession

You'll learn:

  • How cognitive bias impacts boards renewal choices – in both negative and positive ways
  • How to address gender bias to improve problem-solving and increase profits
  • How to remove racial bias in the boardroom and reduce harm to your organization and people
  • How to build the optimal board in an unbiased way
  • How to plan unbiased leadership and CEO succession at all 3 levels of succession.

Get the tools you need in just 6 sessions

Session 1: The Top 7 Cognitive Biases Impacting Boardroom Decision-Making

You’ll learn how to watch for the conscious and unconscious biases that could be sabotaging your board’s decisions.

Session 2: Recognizing Existing Bias In Your Boardroom

Some biases can actually work in your favour! You’ll learn how to distinguish between negative and valuable biases, plus 3 steps every board must take to eliminate harmful boardroom biases.

Session 3: Removing Gender Bias In Your Boardroom

Gender diversity instantly doubles your talent pool and leads to a wide variety of improved outcomes, from increased profitability to better problem solving and more.

Session 4: Removing Racial Bias In Your Boardroom

Leaders are often unaware of how systemic biases are actively harming their organization and people. In this session, you’ll learn how eliminating racial bias can build employee confidence and lead to superior returns.

Session 5: Board Succession And The Optimal Board

Every board member matters and this session will help ensure you always get the best person for the job. You’ll learn how to remove bias and ensure diversity and competence in renewal and recruitment.

Session 6: CEO Succession

Research shows 1 in 3 CEO successions fail. You’ll learn how to improve your odds with a comprehensive, unbiased plan for all three levels of CEO succession.


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