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AI in the Boardroom: Catch Up to Keep Up (Self-Paced)

The Role of the Board in AI

In this era of fast technological advancement, Artificial Intelligence (AI) stands out as a transformative force that demands the attention of every board member. AI in the Boardroom: Catch Up to Keep Up is 2-hour course designed to equip board members and senior leaders with the knowledge to understand and navigate the complexities of AI, ensuring that your organization not only keeps pace with change, but achieves success because of it.


Why AI in the Boardroom?

AI is here and moving at lightning speed! Yet, most boards are eons behind the curve.
The Boardroom – and its members – need to adapt and embrace AI to stay relevant. Boards must meet the challenges of AI risks while acting decisively to capitalize on its opportunities. In this dynamic course on AI in the Boardroom, you'll not only catch up but actively stay ahead in fulfilling your critical oversight role.

What to Expect: 

Discover What AI Is and Isn't: Gain a comprehensive understanding of AI, separating myths from realities.

Clarify the Direction and Control Roles of the Board in AI: Define the board's pivotal role in guiding and controlling AI initiatives.

Explore AI Guiding Principles and the Board: Identify your non-negotiables and establish guiding principles for AI governance.

Consider the Risks, the Opportunities, and the Shape of Things to Come: Delve into the risks and opportunities presented by AI and envision the future landscape.

The Evolution of Cybersecurity: Unveiling the transformative influence of AI on the current security paradigm

Engage with Senior Leaders and Board Members: Be part of discussions with experts, senior leaders, and fellow board members to share real-life examples, challenges, and solutions.

Access Tools to Assess Your Approach to AI: Equip yourself with practical tools to assess your current approach to AI and Create Your Own Boardroom AI Workplan.


Don't let your board be left behind. Join us for AI in the Boardroom: Catch Up to Keep Up and empower your leadership with the knowledge and tools necessary to navigate the AI landscape confidently.


Who Should Take this Program?

- Board Members
- CEOs and C-Suite Executives
- Senior Leaders and Decision-Makers



- AI Guiding Principles Tool Kit
- Boardroom AI Workplan and Assessment Tools
- Glossary of Terms
- Reading List

Continuing Education Credits: 2 hours 

Note: This is a recorded session originally delivered to a live audience, replays may contain occasional interactions.