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Did you know Brown Governance changed its name?

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Did You Know We Changed Our Name?

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Board Evaluation [ Video ]

The Problem

Just like people often avoid their annual physical, some directors and boards may want to avoid their annual evaluation. They don’t want to waste time or money and they do not like the idea of be poked and prodded!

Whether we like it or not, our annual physical is important to our overall health and longevity – important for both the human and the corporate body.

And, evaluations, like physicals, only provide real value when the advice of the doctor has been followed!

The Solution

Would you rather have a doctor diagnose and treat your symptoms when you go for your annual physical or one of your colleagues at the office?

Boards can try to complete their board evaluation on their own. We have found in our experience that this can lead to feeding, not resolving, the problem. This approach lacks objectivity, external benchmarks, and its potential impact is reduced when it is conducted internally as opposed to having experienced governance professionals provide a comprehensive diagnosis with a customized remedy and prescription.

Think of Brown Governance as your board evaluation specialist – corporate doctors with specialized experience in diagnosis and treatment of boardroom ailments and preventative treatments. BGI has a series of tools designed to fit any board evaluation budget. We are experienced, objective, and affordable, and have years of peer benchmarks, diagnostic and treatment data to ensure that your annual evaluation adds years of health and longevity to your organization.

Our tools include:

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  Elected municipal officials now have a new set of tools in their governance toolbox! 


“After working together for several years,” Governance Solutions Inc’s President, Dr. Debra L. Brown says, “we are delighted to announce a new partnership with the Federation of Canadian Municipalities.”


Brown Governance has spent 25 years solving governance problems – so we thought our name should say that! And, we thought you might want to know the Governance Solutions we offer!


BoardConnex, created by Governance Solutions and Sandbox Software, combines the most valued Board software tools and expert governance advice and resources to create a next generation director engagement platform.  Find out more here!

New BGI Newsletter Series on Red Flags in the Board Room

Over the next few issues our newsletter discusses how boards and management can recognize the signs—or red flags—that their board may not be equipped to do their job. And, we talk about what steps can be taken to ensure the board becomes equipped. As we talk about five specific red flags we have chosen to tell five stories as a means of illustration. Each of the stories in these articles are true. Certain details and facts have been changed to protect the innocent! Subscribe now!

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