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Strategy vs. Culture: The Power of Fusion in Your Leadership Role (Self-Paced)

"Culture eats strategy for breakfast".

We've all have heard the famous quote from Peter Drucker, but is it true?
Have you ever wondered why so many strategic plans either don’t get implemented, or have mediocre results at best?
Should we blame Strategy? The CEO? The Team? The Board? Maybe culture has just eaten it!

In this 90-minute session, you will obtain the tools and techniques necessary to make the two halves of culture and strategy into a powerful single whole.

Culture & Strategy

Culture is a powerful force that often overpowers some of the best strategic plans.
While the Board’s role is to set and approve Strategy, Culture has a tremendous impact on what gets accomplished – and what doesn’t!
If the board is slow to approve strategy less gets done, or if they set a direction that does not align with the organization’s culture, the strategy will fail.

The Power of Fusion

  • Create a great strategy that is readily implementable.
  • Reinforce and enable healthy and aligned board, management, and organizational culture.
  • Elevate your organization, its leadership, and your own understanding of governance.

You Will Learn:

  • Ways to strengthen and achieve your strategy rather than letting it be eaten for breakfast!
  • How to tame your culture’s powerful force toward accomplishing rather than overpowering your strategic plans.
  • Strategies to fuse healthy culture with great strategy, toward accomplishing whatever you set your collective energies on.
  • From the successes and failures of others in interactive case studies.



This program was designed for Board Members, Board Chair, CEO, Governance Professionals, Senior Directors, and Senior Leaders.


  • Presession Survey
  • Boardroom Culture Tool
  • Boardroom Culture Article from Ethical Boardroom

90-min session
Continuing Education Credits: 1.5 hours 


Note: This is a recorded session originally delivered to a live audience, replays may contain occasional interactions.