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How Boards Oversee ESG (Self-Paced)

Get the latest on how boards direct, oversee and report on ESG.

ESG is not going away!
Society is reeling from a global pandemic and waking up to social and racial injustices.

As a result, using ESG as a framework for governing risk and opportunity is becoming the norm in the boardroom, meaning board members and organizational leaders are being put under tremendous pressure to prove they are governing in the best interests of the organization, and its stakeholders.

It’s a big ask for those at the top, especially in uncertain and shifting times. but the Governance Solutions team will use its 30 years of experience, in observing and shaping ESG best practices, to ensure you’re “saving the planet, empowering people, and outperforming the competition!”

This 90-minute video covers how to integrate ESG with corporate strategy, how to measure those efforts, and how to disclose and report on progress.

Learn how to:

  • Lead your organization while minimizing its impact on the environment.
  • Treat employees, customers, and other stakeholders in ways that are equitable, respect diversity, and are inclusive of all.
  • Ensure your governance practices and policies reflect the latest learnings in ESG.

Included Materials:

  • Supplemental handouts and presentations.
  • Access to our ESG Pulse Check Assessment, designed to help you understand where your organization is in its ESG journey.

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