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All Board Evaluations (Board, Chair, Committees, Committee Chairs, Individual Self and/or Peer) (Online)

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Best Practice, Online Evaluations for Your Entire Board!

You can now access our best-practice evaluations online! 

Our evaluations are the product of years of experience and research. Our survey questions have been designed to test for board effectiveness in governance structure, and boardroom behaviour and culture.

Cost effective, convenient, best practice evaluations that you manage quickly, securely, and efficiently.

For Administrators & Corporate Secretaries:

For busy administrators and corporate sectaries, The Board Evaluation Solution streamlines the process of board assessments - it does the work for you with the click of a mouse.

For Board Members:

The Board Evaluation Solution allows you to securely complete all your evaluations any time of the day or night, or from anywhere in the world, from your desktop, laptop, tablet or phone! It’s easy and intuitive – no training needed.  You get rich diagnostic reports based on comprehensive best practice surveys that focus the efforts of the board and add value to the organization.  

What You Get

Your Board Scorecard pinpoints exactly what part of the board’s governance responsibilities are strong, and those that may not be.

You also get results of your board’s effectiveness in:

  • Applying overall governance
  • Following the key governance principles any board should excel at and live out
  • Constructive engagement
  • Forging strong internal and external relationships

Your Results Include

  • Comprehensive reports
  • Peer comparator data – see how your board stacks up against others
  • Segmented data – compare the differences and similarities in how the board and management team rate the board (optional)
  • Explanations, charts and detailed findings based on our best practices questionnaires
  • Full reporting of any custom questions you choose to add to our base set of diagnostic questions
  • Comments and suggestions made by those who filled out the survey

This package also includes evaluations of your Board Chair, Board Committees and their Chairs, and Individual Assessment of Directors (Self and/or Peer)

Board and Board Chair Evaluation


Board evaluation is a hallmark of good governance. 

Complete a comprehensive evaluation of your board’s effectiveness as a collective with this best-practice online evaluation. This evaluation includes the option to evaluate the Board Chair.

Committee and Committee Chair Evaluation


Board committees, led by their Chairs, can determine the strength or weakness of a board’s effectiveness. 

Optimize committee effectiveness with the help of these custom designed committee and committee chair evaluations.

Individual Director Evaluation


Individual director self and peer evaluations provide an opportunity to assess the effectiveness of each director’s contributions, highlight areas for development, and focus training budgets and education programs. 

This online evaluation can be conducted as a self or a peer evaluation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Administers the Evaluation(s)?

Typically, the staff person responsible for governance at your organization will act as the administrator in partnership with the Governance Committee or Board Chair.

Who Takes Part in the Evaluation(s)?

This depends on the organization and the evaluation being conducted.  Some organizations include the management team in the evaluation process.  For board and board chair evaluations, board and management team members normally take part in these surveys.  Committee and committee chair evaluations are usually completed by the committee members and any staff members that attend or otherwise have full line of sight to committee meetings and performance.  Board members complete self and peer evaluations of individual directors.

Can We Customize the Questionnaires?

Yes and no!  The core, best practice, research-based questions are not intended to be varied and will provide robust, comprehensive results and scorecards for your use.  Maintaining consistency in these questions allows Governance Solutions to provide your organization with peer comparators, adding better objectivity and context to your results.  You are welcome to add a few further questions tailored to your own situation and issues.

Is Our Information Confidential and Secure?

Yes.  All data is reported in aggregate and is kept confidential.  Even your administrator is not able to view individual results.  All of our online products subscribe to the highest levels of security.  All data is housed on Canadian servers.

What Evaluations Should We Conduct?

Our Evaluation Solution allows your organization to choose which evaluations to conduct – the board as a whole, the Board Chair, the Board Committees, the Committee Chairs, Individual Directors either self and/or peer – you make the choice and you decide who takes part.

Is There Support if I Have a Problem?

Yes.  Your administrator should be able to handle any routine technical problems you may encounter, like providing login and password information, how to complete a survey, timelines for completion, etc.  For those times when support is needed beyond the routine, Governance Solutions can be reached at 1-888-698-3971 between the hours of 9:00 and 5:00 EST or by email anytime at

When Do We Get to See the Results?

This is a decision each organization makes.  Results are provided to the administrator by Governance Solutions once all respondents have completed their surveys.  This occurs immediately after the administrator closes the evaluation with a simple click of a button.  The administrator will provide reports to respondents based on your organization’s evaluation workplan.  For example, some organizations have a Governance Committee review reports before distributing them to others.    

Who Gets to See the Results?

Each organization makes this decision based on its board and circumstances.  Typically, the Governance Committee sees all of the reports with the exception of the individual director reports.  Board members see the board and committee reports, the board chair sees the committee chair and individual director reports, and the Governance Committee Chair sees the Board Chair’s report.  Some boards share the Board and Committee reports with the management team members who took part in the survey, while others choose not to. 

Can We Have a Governance Solutions Consultant Give Us Recommendations Based on our Results?

Yes, at an additional cost.  Customized recommendations and governance action plans are available and affordable.  Contact us directly for a quote.

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